By 2030, we aim to connect over 1 billion people, who currently don't have access to the global logistics network, at zero emissions...

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Sustainability - Transportation accounts for about 64% of global oil consumption, 27% of all energy use, and 23% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions. With motorization rates on the rise, the environmental impact of the sector is expected to grow dramatically.
Accessibility - An estimated one billion people in low-income countries still lack access to an all-weather road. In denser populated areas, time lost to congestion erodes prosperity. Building infrastructure is time, resource and cost consuming. High mobility costs cut the disposable income of the poor who often lack reliable and affordable public transportation.

Zero Emission

Renewable energies have claimed a fixed position in mobility. While battery technology has dominated this transition, it is becoming clear there are benefits of using hydrogen over battery technology. We aim to develop a zero emission ecosystem, based on wind, hydrogen and solar technologies.


fewer emissions

An airship produces 90 % fewer emissions than conventional aircraft with fossil fuels. Clean energy sources are difficult to use for aircraft, but much easier to apply to airships. Switching to fuel cell technology, further decreases emissions towards net zero emissions.


better performance

Flying wings and quadcopters are highly limited in their payload/range performance. Airships can readily carry 10x the payload, when compared to conventional UAV systems on the market today. It can carry this payload across 10x the range, at similar to lower altitude.


lower cost

Current operations of UAV delivery networks require extensive capital investment. Airships can operate in full VTOL mode, without the need for extensive infrastructure, limiting the capital expenditure and opening up an almost unlimited operational network.

Sustainable development goals are at the core of what we do.

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Like flying to the moon, hold world expositions and build flying aircraft carriers. We leverage advanced production, material and design technologies to radically increase the sustainability of air mobility.

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