Flying for good

We are a venture-backed R&D-heavy aerospace company built by former executives and seasoned engineers from the aerospace industry. We are on a mission to solve the world's most pressing challenges in flight operations of uncrewed aircraft systems by combining the technical innovations of drones with the upsides of LTA (lighter-than-air) technologies.
  • Fly longer

    Combining aerodynamic, buoyancy and propeller lifts, we can fly longer distances.
  • Fly green

    Buoyancy is free lift. Less power required to stay in the air means we can fly at zero emissions.
  • Less worries

    While good pilots are always awesome, we have the option of autonomous flight.

Data Acquisition

We are able to offer a broad spectrum of solutions for spatial data and image acquisition that include wildfire monitoring, photovoltaic and wind farm inspection, maritime and cargo surveillance, indoor mapping, infrastructure and utilities inspection, such as powerlines and bridges.
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Cargo Drones

Drones are part of the future in logistics. Freight carriers can benefit from our drones by reaching hard-to-access areas for last mile deliveries at reduced travel times.
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Drones in Humanitarian Aid

We vision a world with sustainable drones that improve the connection between people and their needs without increasing the carbon footprint.
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The Team

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Entz
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Heitor
    Heitor Porto
    Aircraft Architect
  • Guilherme
    Guilherme Sinoara
    Control Systems Architect
  • Anabele
    Anabele Lindner
    Chief Product Officer
  • Email:

  • Elemental Future EU GmbH Richmodstraße 6 50667 Köln, Germany
  • Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Köln HRB 104668 Managing Director: Ricardo Entz VAT ID: DE341536408
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